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Breaking the Hold of the Poverty Spirit

There’s shortages, supply chain issues and shipping problems everyday. We are seeing record high inflation and interest rates. Mortgage rates are higher than they've been in 30 or 40 years. Everywhere you turn you see politicians and news personalities screaming doom and gloom. Everyone you talk to says we are entering a recession. They say it's time to hold back, cut back, and shrink back. Well I do not step into agreement with recession! My business will not stand in agreement with recession in Jesus name!

We don’t agree with lack!

There was a new report I saw years ago that stated that a group of people were found starved to death next to plenty of food and provisions! How is this possible? They had more than enough food to last them until rescuers were able to find them. Instead of rationing a good amount of food to eat each day, they went into extreme rations from the beginning of the crisis. They immediately expected the worst and started to horde their resources. Over time they became weaker and weaker. They weren't drinking enough water each day nor were they eating enough food. Eventually they became too weak to move, to weak to stand, to weak to eat or drink.

They were unknowingly infected by a lack mentality and by the spirit of poverty. The spirit of poverty is very similar to the spirit of fear in that it is usually triggered when a Christian becomes afraid that they will not be able to make it through a storm or difficult situation. It's a holding spirit, a spirit that will cause you to stop tithing, stop giving, stop volunteering, and make you feel guilty anytime you do any of those activities. It will also make you feel regret and guilt anytime you do anything nice for yourself.

Here is a quiz to know if you are being influenced by or if you're actively engaged in a relationship with the spirit of poverty:

Do you feel a sense of guilt every time you do something nice for yourself?

Do you have to constantly defend yourself or feel the need to keep working when you are on vacation?

Do you feel a constant sense of dread, like everything is getting ready to go wrong?

Are you constantly nervous about being able to pay your bills and take care of your basic needs, even when you have the money in the bank to do all those things?

Does giving extravagantly something that seems impossible for you?

Do you have a constantly negative view of the future of your business or industry?

Do your dreams and goals feel more like fairytales?

Do you constantly think about shrinking or cutting back or downsizing?

Is the first thing that you stop doing when times are lean is giving tithes and offerings?

Have you ever stopped supporting a missionary or a missions organization?

Does the thought of expanding or growing or increasing your business or ministry or organization or family terrify you?

Do you have trouble sleeping and trouble dreaming good dreams at night due to feeling out of control?

Do you feel nervous or scared about speaking up on topics you really feel strongly about out of the fear that it will hurt your business?

Do you feel guilty or strange anytime someone compliments you, or gives you something of value as a blessing?

Do you refuse to allow anyone to pay for your meal?

Do you instantly regret buying anything for yourself?

Withholding your tithe, refusing to give alms or offerings, or not giving extravagantly is the same thing as looking into the eyes of Jesus and saying I don’t trust you to take care of me so I’m going to do it myself.

If you answered yes to any of these of the scenarios above, you need to break ties with the spirit of poverty. Unlike most spirits, this spirit can’t be prayed off of you nor can it be casted off of you by normal means. The only way to break the power of the poverty spirit off of your life is through giving! It takes giving to break this particular stronghold in your life. And not just any giving, it takes real sacrificial giving. This is the kind of giving that is inconvenient, unconventional, and this is the type of giving that hurts.

When God tells us to give and we refuse, we open ourselves up to the spirit of poverty's influence over our lives. There are many times in a Christian's life when the Holy Spirit will put an impression or will speak to you about giving to a church, organization or even a homeless person on the street. When you feel that tug in your spirit, not emotional manipulation, but a real pulling for you to donate, give or invest and you say no, you open yourself up through your disobedience.

Let's all ask the Lord if we are struggling in this area, and today, even now, let's give a blessing. Ask the Holy Spirit how much to give and to whom to give to, and be obedient. One thing that is definitely true is that the Devil will never tell you to give! The enemy knows the power of sowing and reaping and will never try to influence you or trick you into giving to the Lord. It will never happen!

Let's pray, and let's give.

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