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Dark Night

Even Jesus felt the weight of an overwhelming sorrow as He considered what He was about to encounter at the cross. This reads almost exactly like a really bad panic attack. He was overwhelmed and struck with this feeling of terror and anxiety.

He really thought he was dying, and to make matters worse, his inner circle, the team He brought with Him to strengthen Him and help Him drifts off to sleep. Jesus didn't bring them with Him arbitrarily or for some sort of lesson, He needed their help! Jesus was all God, but also He was all man, and the man Jesus needed His team, His closest friends and confidants to be with Him this night, and they couldn't handle it; a double blow.

But He would go away two more times to beg the Father to find another way, to spare Him from what He knew was coming. On His third trip back, knowing the answer was no, He was ready. With a renewed sense of determination and resolve, which He no doubt received from the Father through the Holy Spirit, He tells His friends, "Rise, let us be going."

And we too must face the day with the same resolved spirit. Having endured the dark night of the soul, we are refreshed in the morning, taking in His body and His blood, ready to take on the enemy again, with the Comforter inside us and upon us, and with our swords in hand and armour fully set. Come and let us march out into the fury and the fray.

Victory is at hand.

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