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Having a hard time hearing from the Lord? Feel like He's distant? Looking for direction?

Step 1: Ask the Lord to reveal sin in your life. Don't just gloss over this. Don't just rush through this. There is nothing that makes hearing the Lord more difficult than unconfessed sin. Oftentimes we justify our sin, we explain away the need to confess it, we pretend it's not that bad, we give a very ceremonial sounding apology to God and then move right along. Unconfessed sin is a killer of intimacy. The Lord speaks out of intimacy.

Step 2: What was the last thing the Lord told you to do that you said no to? Chances are, He's still back there waiting for you to do the thing He asked you to do months or even years ago. Go and do it quickly. There's no way around this one. Here, you've fallen into not only disobedience, but unbelief, bitterness, jealousy, and all sorts of other sins. When you stop hearing from God, you lose faith in Him, you start blaming Him, you harden your heart towards Him. When you don't obey the Lord when He tells you to move, you are saying by your actions that you do not trust Him. What could be more offensive to God?

Step 3: If the Lord isn't telling you to move or to go, or He isn't telling what to do, and you already prayerfully went through steps 1 and 2, He is telling you to stay and wait. It's not that He isn't speaking, it just means that He isn't giving you any "new" instructions. Oftentimes when He is silent, He is silent for a reason (assuming you are not in some kind of sin, and you have been obedient to His voice before).

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