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Jesus Likes You. Yes, You.

Jesus really likes you.

He made you. You’re fearfully and wonderfully made. He delights in you! He’s in love with you! The Bridegroom doesn’t just tolerate His Bride. He is falling more and more in love with us as we fall more and more in love with Him. His Kindness and His Goodness beckon us closer. Cast off the sin that so easily ensnares you and distracts you so that you can be wholly unencumbered in pursuit of Him. He pursues you infinitely more than you can pursue Him.

Understanding that after salvation and through the process of sanctification we are not filthy and ugly to Jesus but rather glorious and beautiful will revolutionize your life and walk with Jesus. He’s not disgusted by you no more than a father is disgusted with his young baby with a cold. How could that be? A father is not disgusted by his sick child - he wants to help, hold, and heal his baby!

He wants you to be healthy and whole and free of the sin and entanglements of this life because that’s how He created you to be.

Discovering that God loves us and is more excited and enamored by us than we could ever reciprocate is one of the key things all believers need to learn.

After all, why did He create you? Why did He die for you? Why does He make intercession for you night and day?

Because He loves you and He really likes you too. He’s likes you so much more than you like yourself. Learn to love yourself and learn to like yourself.

We don’t proclaim the Good News to filthy ugly people, but rather to lost princes and princesses! First we must see the world the way Jesus does - with compassion and love! He doesn’t look at the world thinking, “What pathetic and horrible people.” He looks at them saying, “I love them all so much, and am so in love with them that I would leave 99 to go and find each and every one!”

God bless,


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