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Prophetic Dream: "Invisible War"

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

February 24th, 2017


Tonight while asleep, I had a dream

In this dream I was in a car driving with someone. The person I was with told me that there was an invisible war going on all around us. The two of us were just sitting in the car, I was in the passenger seat. We were waiting at a stop sign in a small town. The town looked smaller and older than where I was from and there weren't many people out and about. All around us were these tall lanky dark beings, walking around, not paying much attention to us. My driver told me that we were in a war, and that in this war you can either be a source of energy for these dark beings roaming around us, or you can fight them, or you can be neutral.

In that moment I realized I had been living as someone who is just neutral towards the beings. I didn't really mess with them and they didn't really mess with me. But as this person was telling me about the battle that was going on all around us, it made me want to join the fight. Something inside of me wanted to be more than neutral. Neutral is safe, neutral doesn't attack or defend, it just exists.

We looked around and we could see these beings all over the place. They were feeding off of people and destroying people. It was like they were sucking the very life out them. Some people they attacked, some people they left alone and some people they avoided. They avoided the warriors, they ignored the neutrals and they attacked the ungodly.

They were tall and slender and a dark gray color. They were definitely not human but they had a head, torso, arms and legs just like us. They were maybe 15-20 feet tall and they were all around us. It wasn't like there were hundreds of them, in the city we were in there were maybe 20. They walked around like lumbering giants and once they found someone to feed on they reached out to them and sucked their life force, which looked to me like multi colored streams of light leaving a person's body and going into this snout like part of the dark beings. As they drained the person, the person would grow tired and weak. The person would have no idea that this was happening, they would feel worse, drained, tired, frail, and depressed. The dark beings were invisible to the people being drained.

I realized immediately that I needed to join the fight because I didn't want to be on the fringe anymore. The person I was talking to handed me a sword and told me, "Good luck," dropped me off, and sped away.

I looked around and really started to try and see these beings for what they really were. I turned to one that was near me. I could see it but it couldn't see me or at least it just pretended not to be able to. I looked at it, and knew that the minute I made my presence known, I would be entering the battle.

I picked the one closest to us, which was lumbering around across the street from where we were and I growled at it. I let it be known that I was going to fight. I can't quite describe it, but there was something inside of me that was finally making itself known to the dark beings that I had kept hidden. When this happened it immediately turned to me and growled back as if suddenly and surprisingly aware of my presence. It stared at me and started to rush towards me. In that moment I prayed and focused on God, and it grimaced and turned to walk away. I could tell it was hurt and annoyed by me, at lease enough to make it feel like I was not someone to stay around.

Later in this dream, I was going to sleep on a couch and Sophiana was next to me sleeping. I could see them starting to gather around the house. It was like in that moment I was able to see a bird's eye view of the house, and in that moment I could see a mile in every direction from the house I was in. I was in a sort of cabin in the woods and all around us were 20 or so of these dark beings, walking towards us. One particularly strong one was coming towards me. He ripped the roof off of the house and flung it into the distance. I could see them, all walking towards us and now almost on top of us, reaching their hands towards us to drain us and leave us for dead.

I closed my eyes and tightened my fists and prayed to God. In that moment I received this amazing light-power and all different colors of light flowed and came into me. As I received this power I knew that this thing had no chance against me. I knew that none of them had a chance against this power inside of me.

The dark beings reached for me, tried to put dark power on me and drain my life-force, but as I prayed, I felt a light emanating all around me. The more I prayed, the more the sword would be filled with power and the more powerful the sword became, the more dark beings felt pain. The light became so unbearable that the dark beings physically could not handle it anymore and they quickly ran away, screaming on their way.

I realized in that moment that I had a responsibility. My responsibility was not only to pray and fight and harness this power for myself, but also to go and teach others to fight. The power that I received was made up of all different types of colors and lights and those colors represented different attributes of God's power and personality.

After the beings fled, I turned to Sophiana and covered her in prayer. As I prayed, she became surrounded with multicolored light. I prayed for my home and covered my home in rainbow-colored light and at that moment I knew that I had entered the war and that I was now a warrior and that there was no turning back. Once you were in, you were in. For life.

In the dream I represented the church. I was neutral in the war and tried to just ignore the idea of demons and the supernatural realm. I never mentioned them, didn't battle them, and just left them alone to wreak havoc on the lost. Prayer empowered the church with the Glory of God and the Glory made the battle a very easy one. The enemy is nothing compared to the Glory. We have to get in the fight!

Sophiana in the dream represented the younger generation. They are asleep. They don't know anything about God and are completely defenseless. We as the church need to pray for the Glory to come, we need to take up to the Word (sword) and fight!

We need to defend and protect the next generation!

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