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Stand for the Unborn


I stand for the right of not-yet-born babies to live.

I know it’s a complicated issue, but it’s really this simple for me:

Our rights come from God.

We created government, so our rights can’t come from it.

We created a constitution to tell the government what it can’t and can do.

We created government to protect all of our rights (though we needed to amend it over the years to do this).

A baby should have rights when it is alive. It’s not less of a human just because it’s not born yet.

If government allows a mother to end the life of a baby, it is letting her encroach the right that the baby has to life.

There’s no such thing as a safe abortion for the baby.

It’s murder.

Allowing infanticide is a violation of what government is created to do.

We need better programs and more funding for education, fostering, adoption, contraception and etc. - I agree. And I would also support amendments to this like life of the mother, etc - but we’re talking about an incredibly small number there.

More than 60,000,000+ babies have been aborted (killed) in this country; enough is enough.

I will not get into the weeds with you about it and I will flat out not listen to anyone who tells me I can’t have a say because I’m not a woman. I held my tiny child in my hands after my child died because of miscarriage at 11 weeks - I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU. Life is sacred. Period. Full stop.

Stand with me.

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