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The 12 Foot Angel

October 3rd, 2013:

It was a Thursday night and I was in a Bible School class above a gym at the church I was attending. The school had a normal school building and connected to it was a gymnasium that had classrooms on top of it. The class was full and there were about 20-30 students sitting and listening to the teacher. The teacher this night was a guest speaker from Australia, Evangelist Tim Hall. He was teaching about the armor of God and on the board he had drawn, in his own special and cartoonish way, a Roman centurion with a full set of armor on. The first half of the class was normal enough, and Tim went about teaching on the “Armor of God” out of Ephesians 6. Out of nowhere, probably 45 minutes into the class I felt the presence of something otherworldly in the room. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the shape of what looked to be a giant man in the back of the classroom.

It was an angel.

The first emotion I had was fear, not excitement. It’s difficult to describe if you’ve never seen an angel, but the best way I could describe it is instantly feeling very small. Not small in stature or even in worth, but small in comparison to the universe. I felt like I could easily be killed by the angel with the absolute slightest effort on the part of the angel. What you feel in the presence of an angel is the sheer terror of realizing that you are a minuscule speck of dust standing next to gigantic mountain. It’s not a worthless or pathetic feeling, it’s a vulnerable and insecure feeling. Every bit of strength you have evaporates in a split second. This is coming from a man that is 6’4” and 300lbs.

I snapped forward after seeing the angel in the corner of my eye and I thought to myself I can’t be seeing what I’m seeing. Is this real or am I just making this up? In response to this momentary doubt, I looked back to get a better glimpse. This time, I saw it, with my own eyes. The angel was 12ft tall, towering over all of us in the room. The ceiling was only 9ft, and the angel stood somehow above the ceiling, yet fully in the room. It’s hard to explain. The angel was wearing a blue and white robe, had beautiful and flowing golden hair, and shiny white wings. The angel looked like a man to me, and had at least a 6 foot tall vase looking vessel resting under his arm. The vase was very tall and ornate and it was resting on the floor, next to the angel. I knew somehow that it was full of something, but I wasn’t sure what. The angel’s wings were enormous and were at least 8ft tall. They were at rest behind the angel and the bottom of them touched the ground.

I remember at this point feeling a tightness in my chest. I knew this was significant, but I didn’t know what it was doing here. I could feel the glory of God all over the room and on the angel. It was a thick and heavy presence in the spiritual realm, but in the practical it felt similar to how you feel when you walk into the room of someone very important. It’s the tightness, the tension, the sense of awe that you feel meeting a celebrity or dignitary, but elevated. It’s like meeting royalty, in the sense that you know in some very real way your life is in their hands.

I looked forward and tried not to look directly at the angel. My face darted around the room, trying to see if anyone else could see what I was seeing, but no one seemed to notice anything. After a few moments I looked back at the angel and it was reaching into the bowl. It pulled out a handful of what I can only describe as crushed white flowers. It looked like a powder that was made by mashing up tons and tons of white flower petals. It looked almost like white ash, but it was beautiful and clean like fresh powdered snow. The angel began taking the substance in hand and spreading it all over the classroom. It was tossing it over different parts of the room, covering all of us in the white snow.

After a moment or two of this Tim Hall suddenly stops teaching altogether and the room is silent for a long minute. In my spirit I felt the Lord say, “He is going to call on you.” Not more than thirty seconds later Tim says to me, “Marco, right now is the time. Come up now and receive an apostolic impartation.” I went to the front of the class and Tim prayed many things over me, most of which I don’t remember, but what I do remember is him saying, “Lord, I impart apostolic anointing right now.” At this I fell out under the power of God and started shaking violently. It feel like electricity and fire surged from his hand to my head and these two powerful forces burned through the rest of my body slowly. The electricity made me shake uncontrollably and the fire felt like unlimited power coursing though my body.

When I woke up, I looked and everyone in the class was on the floor, and the angel was gone.

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