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The Farmer and His Seed

When a farmer plants his new crop, he first has to buy the seeds. Seeds are expensive and he needs to make sure he buys the best quality he can afford to ensure a great crop. He takes all his money and buys the absolute best seeds his money can buy. When he leaves the store, those seeds in his bag represent 100% of what the farmer owns and it represents 100% of his future. Everything the farmer owns is represented in that bag of seeds. There is no guarantee that the seeds will take root and sprout, but the farmer trusts the seeds and his ability to cultivate them. In the very moment he purchased his seeds, he traded his present for his future. It's exchanging the comfort of the present for the possibility of glory later.

The farmer goes back to the farm with his seed, and prepares for the next season. He must prepare the ground, plant his seeds, fertilize and then water it all. It's here that the farmer's life is the most vulnerable. He no longer has the seeds in his hands anymore. He can't check on them or watch them. He can't simply dig them up to check on them because they will die. He can't force them to grow. His whole life and livelihood and future is buried in the ground. He has done all he can, his future is in God's hands now.

When the seedlings start to come out of the ground, they are greatly at risk. The farmer has to stop the bugs, birds, and bunnies from destroying his crop. He has to chase away the pests and animals that are desperate to eat the seedlings. They will not stop trying to steal the farmer's future, and God will not stop the creatures for the farmer. It's so important at this stage for the farmer to chase away anything that may come to damage, steal, or eat his crops.

Then the seedlings turn into plants. The farmer cannot control the weather and can't make it rain. He has to rely on God. Soon it does rain, and eventually the plants bear fruit. Now the farmer has to decide how fruit to keep for himself and his family, how much to put in the storehouse for the future, and how much to sell at the market. If he eats too much of it, he will not have in the storehouse for winter. If he doesn't sell any of it, he will not have money to buy seeds for next season. If he doesn't have it to eat, he will not have the strength next season to plow and sow.

Like the farmer, we have in our hands a bag of seeds, which represents our time, our gifts and talents, and our giftings. We can bury them, we can sell them for money, we can hide them, or we can trade them for seed. You need to take a step of faith and give it all to Jesus. He is faithful and will always be there for you. This is your year. Launch out, buy the seeds, lower your nets, and believe God for the increase. Yes it's scary, yes it's hard, yes it can feel impossible, "But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19)

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