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Reviving the Prophets

Reawakening the Church to the Neglected Office

In a world filled with confusion and uncertainty, the Church needs to hear God’s voice more than ever. But how can we discern what God is saying in the midst of so much noise and distraction? And how can we know whom to listen to considering the failure of so many prophets during the 2020 election?


The answer lies in reviving the office of the prophet, a vital and often misunderstood role in the life of the Church. In this groundbreaking book, author and prophetic minister Marco Ramos explores the biblical foundations of the office of the prophet and its relevance for the Church today.


Drawing on his own experiences and insights, as well as biblical truths and revelations, Ramos offers practical guidance on how to grow in the gift of prophecy, learn what the Bible says about the office of the prophet, and release your prophetic voice in your church and community. Whether you’re a pastor, a church leader, or simply a believer hungry for more of God’s presence and guidance, Reviving the Prophets will inspire and equip you to join with God in the work of prophetic ministry. Discover how to hear God’s voice more clearly, discern the spirits at work in your midst, and boldly proclaim God’s truth in love and power.

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