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Devotion to Israel

This whole journey really began in 2013. During a class I was attending, I had an incredible vision. The Lord showed me Israel, sometime in the future, experiencing the greatest revival in it's history since Pentecost. People everywhere were getting miraculously saved, healed, and transformed. There was no distinction between Jew or Arab or foreigner - everyone was getting touched by God. 

I think the only difference between people that make a difference and people that do not is those that make a mark on the world, those who really create change here on Earth, those that see miracles, signs and wonders, are those that take God at His word and live accordingly. Action is required on our parts, He won't do our job for us, that's why He chose us. He is committed to use us to carry out His plans.

I believe that God is going to start awakening the church and I believe that many people all over the world will be looking at Israel as time draws near. God's promises toward "Jerusalem," "Israel," "Zion," and more in the Old Testament are "covenants forever" and are "everlasting" towards his children and the land of Israel. There are too many verses to post about what He has promised His children.

Yes, we as Gentiles are "grafted in" to these promises, but that does not mean that God has forgotten His children. "Can a mother forget her child?" There are going to be many signs and wonders and miracles that are getting ready to break out in Israel. The greatest revival and the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit ever in the history of mankind are getting ready to come to Israel. I want to be a part of that, don't you?

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