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Oh Ireland

This was the poem I wrote the day Ireland legalized abortion. It was a sad day for me to see people cheering in the streets, getting drunk and worshiping sin. They had no idea what they were doing. The people of Ireland weren’t “passing legislation to protect women’s healtcare,” they were signing a contract with the Devil. Lord remember your children in Ireland and help set them free from their blood oath as you did us.


May 27, 2018

Oh, Ireland,

What have you done?

What have you chosen?

As if the choice was ever yours,

As if their voice was never heard.

Can you hear the tiny voices?

Can you see the little flames?

They are here,

Silent on Earth,

But deafening here, oh, Ireland.

I can hear their tiny voices.

I can see their little flames.

Today you have chosen death.

Was My death not enough for you?

Were My words not enough for you?

Oh, Ireland, what have you done?

The children of promise are here.

Their names are on My chest.

Their voices are in My ears.

Their flame is in My eyes.

Who would they have become?

What would they have accomplished?

In innocence they were formed.

In innocence they were given.

But they were despised.

They were rejected.

They were forfeit.

Oh, Ireland,

But now

That which was lost,

That which was destroyed,

Has now become My pleasure.

They have all now become My joy.

They are My children of promise, oh, Ireland,

And I never forget My promises or My children.

I hear their tiny voices, I see their little flames.

Oh, Ireland, oh, Ireland, oh, Ireland.

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